Does Job Satisfaction create Work Engagement: A study Using Teachers in Private Engineering Colleges in Tamil Nadu

  • Mr. J. M. Antony Raj


Today the environment is extremely dynamic and all organizations have challenges in making their employees stay with their organisation. Though we have  numerous researches that examine the association between Job Satisfaction and Work Engagement a deeper study is required to get insights on what drives work engagement  whether is it intrinsic or  extrinsic Job Satisfaction . The main purpose of this article is to study the level of Job Satisfaction and its relationship to work engagement with respect to engineering college teachers who are working at various hierarchical levels.   

The Solution:

This research uses the statistical technique of descriptive method and the standardized questionnaire on satisfaction which was designed by Minnesota and by Schaufeli’s was used.  The data was obtained  from 123 Teachers working at Various designation levels in Self financing Private Engineering colleges in Tamilnadu . The following statistical techniques were used descriptive statistics and regression analysis. The study gave a clear indication of the positive association between Job Satisfaction and work engagement and it is intrinsic factors that cause job satisfaction when compared to extrinsic factors.