Implementation of Novel Framework for Improving Cyber security Using Steganography

  • Pinky Ramchandra Shinde, Dr.Dhanraj Verma,


As steganography has been researched in the sense of informatics and computer science, a variety of algorithms have been developed to insert messages in seemingly harmless data, all with the intention of creating secret and secure steganographic protocols in mind. Imperceptibility and robustness are therefore predicted properties of a stego-medium. Robustness is an important property for stopping unintended recipients from discovering secret messages. Even then, the stego agency should be unable to withstand attacker attacks. With all of this in view, the three most important aspects of a steganographic scheme are as follows: Imperceptibility, embedding strength, and robustness are all essential characteristics. Imperceptibility refers to an individual's failure to distinguish between the cover and the stego object, and hence the inability to detect the existence of hidden materials.To implementation of   novel framework for improving cybersecurity using steganography Create a novel steganographic algorithm using a multi-level deep learning model.