Online Electronic Retailing Information Extraction Using Hybrid Classifications Algorithm for Recommendation System

  • Nilesh Jain, Dhanraj Verma
  • Nilesh Jain, Dhanraj Verma


Online electronic retailing enterprises who promote their goods dedicate a lot of energy, effort, money, and commitment to assisting their consumers in coordinating their transactions. To describe and forecast product category categories and subcategories, we will use a machine learning approach for product categorization. This is particularly helpful for businesses who are planning to introduce a variety of products and want to categorise them based on business use cases. In comparison, if a novel product line has not previously been in the sector, or where there are more products that have recently entered the market, this is always important to deliver scarce training data. To proposed E-Commerce Information Extraction Using Hybrid Classifications Algorithm For Recommendation System. In this paper we present a recommender system for online shopping focusing on the specific characteristics and requirements of electronic retailing. We use a hybrid model supporting dynamic recommendations, which eliminates the problems the underlying techniques have when applied solely. At the end, we conclude with some ideas for further development and research in this area.