Model of The Elderly Care Platform in Thailand

  • Vichian Puncreobutr, Boonruang Chunsuvimol, Vipa Pengsa-ium, Prachuab Trinikorn


The objective of this research is to study the feasibility of using the platform of elderly care in Thailand and to study the suitable model of elderly care platform in Thailand.  This is a qualitative research with 3 sample groups of people: 1) Administrators and personnel in the elderly care centers or homes 2) Administrators in the hospitals where there are elderly care services 3) Administrators of Start Up business organization, producing applications in health care 4) Banking administrators, supporting and promoting the investment in technology 5) The elders who use the services and those who take care of the elders in the elderly care centers or homes.  All together 66 key informants.  The data was collected by document analysis, observation and in-depth interview. The result was analyzed by content analysis.    

From the findings it is found that there is a high feasibility in using the elderly care platform in Thailand.  That both, the inventors of the platform, the executors of the platform, investor sectors/ banks and the recipients of the platform, all are of the opinion that this could be done and achieve success as a modern day business in health which is in line with the government’s Thailand 4.0 policy of being a Health Hub which could create a new modern business in health for Thailand. It is also found that the suitable model for elderly healthcare platform in Thailand should be operated in two phrases:  The first phrase is healthcare through Telecare, the second phrase is to provide the services of health care through Telemedicine and Telehealth. The important factor to achieve success in using the elderly healthcare platform in Thailand is to install the necessary equipment in the homes of recipients and at the Home Telecare Service Center: HTSC. It is also essential to develop the skill of care-givers who can use the mobile technology and other communication media.