Development and Test of Concrete Intelligent Temperature Control System in Construction period Based on STM32 Single-chip

  • LENG Xue-jun, ZHOU Lan-ting, WANG Teng, WANG Sui-xia, QIANG Sheng


The temperature measurement and control of hydraulic mass thin-walled concrete during the construction period is a complex work. The surveyors need to collect the internal temperature of the concrete structure regularly and adjust the flow of cooling water immediately according to the measurement result. Due to the subjectivity of manual operation, the measurement and control is sometimes not timely and not accurate. Based on STM32 single-chip and C language, a set of concrete intelligent temperature control system was developed. According to the characteristics of mass thin-walled structure concrete, the control algorithm of cooling water flow is improved. The system is tested in laboratory based on sand box and the result shows that the temperature control system can regulate the internal temperature drop rate of the sand box. The temperature data on site is recorded and the concrete age automatic judgment algorithm is summarized. The site test result of the system shows that the cooling water flow is accurate enough after the flow control algorithm is improved. Another advantage of the system is that the operation times of the valve are reduced by more than 85%, therefore the service life of the valve is greatly improved. The system can automatically judge whether concrete pouring starts or not and calculate the concrete age which can be used to create the concrete temperature curve intelligently. The new system can promote the intelligent temperature record and control for mass thin-walled structure concrete.