Power Generation from Air Conditioner (AC) Exhaust Fan

  • K. Elango , George Fernandez. S


The paper proposes to generate electricity from an air conditioner exhaust fan. The air conditioner exhaust fan was
thought of to be use to generate electricity because it can be found at many sites like educational institutions,
residential societies, shopping malls, etc. in large number. Thus, it is possible to generate electricity over a large
scale due to availability of so many AC’s at a single site. The prime idea behind this was to generate electricity that
would be renewable in nature and can be stored, to be used in the time of crisis. The major concern is to achieve a
constant power supply, since the speed of the exhaust fan changes with the change in temperature settings of the air
conditioner. The principle used to meet the objective is to convert the mechanical energy of the ac exhaust fan into
electrical energy using a specially designed dynamo and a coupler. The energy generated comes in the category of
renewable energy and it does not harm the environment by polluting it. Thus, we expect to achieve what we have
stipulated about the constant generation of electricity and would serve mankind.