Parametric optimization in wire electro discharge machine process for OHNS Steel

  • Sambhaji Venkatrao Sagare, Dr Shyam Sunder Pawar


In this paper, we will do a multi-type of optimization technique by the mean of Taguchi method. In this method we will use OHNS steel this material we will use and cut by using the wire electro-discharge machine. In this experiment, we will take some base parameter which is the pulse -on time, pulse-off time, peak current and spark voltage. This research is totally based on the Taguchi technique. In this research, we analyze some basic factors known as the material removal rate (MRR), surface roughness (SR), and gap current  (GC). This result is all based on the Pulse -on time, Pulse-off time, peak current, and spark gap  voltage with respect to OHNS steel. In the parameter experiment, we will use MINITAB 19 to analyze the reading which we have taken in this  parameter experiment