Using Non-Linear Companding Scheme Peak To Average Power Ratio Reduction Of Ofdm Signals For Image And Audio

  • Sharanabasava Inamadar, Dr. Vaibhav V.Dixit


Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (Ofdm) System Is One Of The Challenging Issues In High Peak-To-Average Power Ratio (Papr). In This Paper We Propose A Papr Reduction Of An Ofdm System. In This  We  Compress The Large Signals By Maintaining Average Power Constant By Choosing Proper Transform Parameter, And We Are Making Use Of Nonlinear Companding Scheme To Reduce Papr And Improve Bit Error Rate(Ber) For Ofdm Systems. In This We Are Taking Image And Audio To Show Papr Of Ofdm Signal Using Non Linear Companding Scheme And Finally The Simulation Results Show That The Proposed Scheme Outperforms Other Companding Scheme.