Modeling Method of Underwater Vehicle Dynamic System Based on Simulink and Fluent Co Simulation

  • Yue Xiao, Wei Gao


Based on the dynamic behavior simulation of underwater vehicle, aiming at the limitation of dynamic behavior and fluid dynamics in single environment, a collaborative simulation solution based on MATLAB/Simulink and Fluent is proposed. This paper first introduces the operation mechanism of MATLAB/Simulink and Fluent, analyzes the technical feasibility of CO simulation between the two simulation environments, and puts forward three feasible interface modes. On this basis, this paper focuses on the basic idea and specific implementation method of two embedded co simulation methods: embedded Matlab / Simulink in fluent and embedded fluent in MATLAB/Simulink, as well as parallel co simulation method. This co simulation method not only provides an effective means to study the close coupling between object motion and fluid dynamics in fluid environment, but also provides a solution to other physical phenomena closely coupled with fluid.

Keywords-MATLAB/Simulink; Fluent; data fusion; collaborative simulation.