Traditional Culture and Art Elements in Graphic Design Teaching

  • Wangyu,


The introduction of traditional culture and aesthetic factors into art design teaching in Colleges and universities is a necessary condition to correct the homogenization trend of art design in China; it is an inevitable requirement for inheriting the excellent culture of the Chinese nation at this stage; it is also the inevitable requirement for the development of the art design industry in China. The purpose of this paper is to study the application of traditional culture and art elements in graphic design teaching. Folk New Year pictures have a long history, huge resources and distinctive regional characteristics. The resources of folk New Year pictures are huge and rich, and the woodcut New Year pictures in various regions also have regional differences. This paper only starts from the modeling features. This paper takes the folk New Year picture art as the breakthrough point, and takes the diversity of modern graphic design thinking as a supplement. The resources of folk New Year pictures are implemented in graphic design teaching. By comparing the object courses of resource implementation and the ordinary graphic design teaching, the advantages and disadvantages of the two are found, providing reference for the development and improvement of graphic design teaching. The experimental results show that only 9% of the teachers in the classroom with traditional culture and art elements say that students are not active enough in class, while 64% of the teachers think that students are very active in class, which is more than half of the total. It shows that in general, the active degree of graphic design classroom integrated with traditional culture and art elements is very good.