A Novel Based Approach to Provide Solution to Parking Issues in Metropolitan Cities via IoT

  • Punya Prabha V, Sharmila Suttur C, Chethana Gosal S, Prajwal Baskaran


The recent transportation systems are facing problems of traffic bottlenecks due to rapid increase in population and vehicles with lacking accessible parking place information.   This leads to waste in time and energy associated with increased air pollution. Hence there is a significant need of auto parking systems that assists the driver to locate some appropriate parking spaces for their vehicles at a faster speed.  In the present world where we live there are already devices, which are connected to each other and help in day to day aspects in all areas. Internet of Things (IoT) is an ongoing development of the Internet by which everyday 'things' objects have communication capabilities which allow them to send and receive data. It is a wise choice to develop sustained Smart parking cities using Internet of Things to provide solutions to parking issues with relevant innovations. The intelligent transportation systems have Parking guidance and information (PGI) systems as one of their major parts which makes the cars and infrastructure more and more connected. Uncertain nature of parking facilities and availability of parking places is one major challenge while developing efficient PGI systems. Whether it is on-street or off-street it is a very challenging task to design and develop an efficient PGI system.  Our proposed work is based on developing an efficient and smart PGI system to assist drivers in finding parking space more effectively by acquiring the necessary data from infrastructure, processing them, and communicating the results to the driver in a non distracting fashion.

Keywords: Parking guidance and information (PGI); microcontroller; ultrasound sensors; GSM; On Street Parking