Automatic Facial and Number Plate Recognition

  • Saravanan Chandrasekaran, Vishnuvardhan Reddy, Vamsi Krishna.G, Nikhil, Kurnool, Vamsi Krishna


The utilization of intelligent and automatic license plate recognition system is far required within the present real-time operation age.  Likewise, the growing variety of vehicles demands a strong and reliable system which may not solely observe the car place from a vehicle however additionally give the text output of the characters written on the plate and face. Automatic Number Plate recognition and facial recognition to follow the vehicle and the driver at the section purpose of the premises The proposed design can be divided in to three separate advances. In initial step, a vehicle number plate in the live video format picture is spotted. In second step, driver face is found. In definite advance, a strong face acknowledgment calculation algorithm recognizes the user by contrasting the number plate picture and face pictures in a given data.. In last advance when it coordinated it will let the user inside. Two-factor authentication expands security enormously improving acknowledgment precision of approved drivers and passengers. The double detection may have incredible likelihood rate. On successful identification of the driver face and number plate using Haar Caascade algorithm with OpenCV in deep learning Object detection network to distinguish the situation of Number Plate .The Image is then preprocessed and concentrate text from image. When number plate text is confirmed within the database and will go for face recognition. Mostly helpful in traffic, university premises, office stopping places and furthermore in high made sure about spots .In addition multiple detectors uplift the robust and power of the security system. To detect vehicles a few technologies are successful.. the most adaptable being an enrollment plate reader, as it doesn't need any co-activity by drivers, or any extra hardware for their cars. Registration plate perusing innovation is currently generally utilized and extremely viable in paths or when moving toward entryways and limits.

Keywords- Haar cascade, OpenCV, Number Plate, Object detection, Two factor authentication)