Ranking of Petrochemical Companies Under Competitive and Non-Competitive Conditions Using Network Data Envelopment Analysis

  • Ali Asghar Tatlari Roya Soltani, Roya Soltani, Seyed Jafar Sajadi


A main issue for capital market investors is choosing the right stock of efficient companies compared to the stock of low-efficiency companies, making the choice of optimal portfolio important in finance. In this paper, the method of network data envelopment analysis has been employed to select and rank stock exchange petrochemical companies in competitive and non-competitive conditions with the help of game theory. The proposed model is three-stage, the first consisting of two sub-sections. The goal of any investor in the stock market is to achieve higher efficiency, and if the investor makes a rational decision in choosing stocks, the desired efficiency will be achieved. By helping capital market stakeholders, computational efficiency plays an important role in the optimal selection of stocks of member companies of the stock exchange. In this method, it has been tried to use different parts of a company in estimating their efficiency to make the obtained efficiency more real. In this study, ten petrochemical companies in the period of 2014-2018 have been evaluated.