Study of designing and manufacturing of polishing unit

  • Prashant. R. Banka, R. R. Bharshikar


Now  a  days  it  is  necessary  to  increase  production  rate  continuously  in order to achieve higher production rates with minimal of human input, there is need to  develop  innovative  machinery  to  cater  the  above  needs. To produce high quality surface finished on product the surface machining technique is used which is called as polishing. The process is a multistage process which uses a finer abrasive in each subsequent stage. Paper has a clear aim of design and manufacturing of polishing unit which continuously performance polishing at each stage, it eliminates the idle time wasted in the process of polishing. A smooth and shiny surface is generated on the workpiece by the process of polishing. In order to improve the surface finish polishing is mainly done on the face of the components. Designed polishing unit included in this paper is the better as compare to previous modeled unit as it overcomes the limitations of old one.