Parametric Study of Pre-engineered Industrial Structure Comparing IS: 800, 2007 & AISC-7, 2002 with MBMA-2012 guidelines

  • Anuj D. Bhavsar, Darshana R. Bhatt, Vimlesh V. Agrawal


Man has always devoted to innovative means to meet his changing needs. There has been a constant evolution in the construction techniques ever since the time man learnt to hold the spade in his hand. The corporate world, manufacturing sector, residential and industrial sectors, all demand quick construction and economy in design. That’s how the concept of PEB is seizing rapidly in India. Indian codes for building design are rigid and little conservative but safer than other country codes. Thus, it becomes necessary to study the PEB design using IS:800-2007 over AISC-7,2002 & MBMA-2012 guidelines to take advantages over the cost, design and time which will leads to the designer, resulting in understand the behavior of the structure and achieve economy in the construction. In this study, the industrial structure is analyzed for different spans like 30m, 40m and 50m. Each span is analyzed for different eave heights of 7.5m, 10.0m and 12.5m, for different terrain categories like category-1,2,3 and for different enclosure classification like open structure, partially enclosed structure and enclosed structure. All the models are designed and compared by considering IS:800-2007 & AISC-7,2002 with MBMA-2012 Guidelines. Different output parameters like maximum shear forces, maximum bending moment, maximum base reactions, maximum deflections and max steel take-off are considered for study.

Keywords- Pre-engineered structure, IS:800-2007 AISC-7/MBMA-2012, Steel take-off,