Consequence of Core Strength Training on Explosive Power and Abdominal Strength among National Level Injured Kabaddi Players of South India

  • Dr.N.C.Jesus Rajkumar, R. Sreejith


The aim of the present study was to investigate consequence of core strength training on explosive power and abdominal strength among national level injured kabaddi players of south India. Twenty injured kabaddi players at age of 18 to 23 years, height 165cm to 180 cm, weight 65kg to 72 kg badminton players were randomly divided into two groups as training group core strength training and control group. All subjects were evaluated with standing broad jump and sit-ups tests. The core strength training protocol completed thrice a week, for 6 weeks.The initial and the final readings derived from the experimental groups and the control group underwent a procedure of statistical analysis using ANOVA by IBM (SPSS Software 22.0 version). The confidence level was 0.05. These finding suggest that the six week core strength training program has a statistically significant influence in developing the Explosive power and abdominal strength of the injured kabaddi players of south India.

Keywords: Core Strength Training, Injured Kabaddi Players, Explosive Power,Abdominal Strength