Comparative Analysis of Playing Ability in Selected Defensive Skills of Intercollegiate Men Kabaddi Players

  • Dr. R. Mohanakrishnan, K. Murukesan


The Purpose Of The Study Was To Find Out The Comparative Analysis Of Playing Ability In Selected Defensive Skills Of Intercollegiate Men Kabaddi Players. The Study Was Confined To Only Male Intercollegiate Kabaddi Players From Bharathiar University, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. The Subjects For The Present Study Have Been Delimited To The 48 Intercollegiate Kabaddi Players Only. The Age Of The Players Ranged From 19-25 Years. The Following Intercollegiate Namely Kongu Arts And Science College, Gobi Arts And Science College, Rathinam Arts And Science College, Psg Arts And Science College, Stc Arts And Science College, Ngm Arts And Science College, Cms Arts And Science College, Ngp Arts And Science College Have Participated In The Tournament The Intercollegiate Namely Participated From Bharathiar University Were Selected For The Study. The Selected Dependent Variables Offensive Skills Namely Wrist Catch, Ankle Catch And Single Knee Catch. The Karl Pearson’s Product Moment Correlation Was Calculated For The Data Collected From The Intercollegiate Men Kadaddi Players To Examine The Comparative Analysis Of Playing Ability In Selected Defensive Skills. The Level Of Confidence Was Fixed At 0.05 Level To Test The Hypothesis. It Is Concluded That There Is Positive And Significant Relationship Between Defensive Skills Such As Ankle Catch, Single Knee Catch And Playing Ability Of Men Kabaddi Players.