PVC@Au/Pt nanocomposite; synthesis and structure characterization

  • M. M. Mostafa


PVC@Au/Pt nanocomposites were synthesized as well as their structure characterizations were inspected. XRD diffractograms were employed to examine the structure of the composed samples. The characteristic crystalline peaks of Ag/Pt NPs were observed. Also, the amorphous nature and characteristic hump of pristine PVC were explored.  The Dav of NPs was calculated using both Scherrer’s formula as well as the W–H method. The evaluation of SEM images of the composed films indicated the existence of porosity, deviations, water content, and cracks on the surface. Moreover, the surface smoothness and well dispersion of NPs on the polymeric surface of the prepared films were explored. Additionally, the agglomeration and encapsulation of NPs by the polymeric chains of PVC were clearly observed as the content of NPs increased. FTIR spectra of PVC@Au/Pt nanocomposites films were exhibited the characteristic vibrational peaks related to pure PVC. Also, the presence of hydroxyl and carbonyl group peaks was examined. The interaction, insertion, and complexation between Au/Pt NPs and the polymer matrixes were detected depending on intensity changing of FTIR bands and shifting in the peaks related to the carbonyl group after increase the addition of Au/Pt NPs.