Application of Virtual Reality Technology in Sketch Teaching

  • Liang Xu, Hongyuan Xie


Using advanced virtual reality (VR) technology for teaching can greatly promote the learning outcome of students. In this work, we systemically studied the possibility of using VR technology as a tool for sketch teaching. The paper discusses the drawback of traditional teaching methodology and the advantage of VR technology in sketch teaching. In order to confirm the positive effect of VR technology, we subsequently evaluated the results of students by using the VR-based course in comparison with the standard one. As a result, the students who have been taught the VR method achieved higher scores in most of the examinations due to the fact that VR courses could stimulate learning motivation, enhance the creativity and learning experience of students. This study highlights VR technology as a promising teaching tool that could further advances teaching outcomes. More importantly, we believe this technology also be applicable to other different teaching courses.

Keywords-Virtual Reality, Teaching, Sketch