The role of topnotch leaders in fostering employee creative behavior

  • A. Octamaya Tenri Awaru , Wilopo , Amiruddin , Haedar Akib , M. Said Saggaf , Rudi Salam, Aris Baharuddin


Topnotch leaders are leaders who are expected to build an organization. A number of successful
organizations achieve their goals and objectives, because they are directed by leaders who are chosen
according to their leadership capabilities. Vice versa, there are some (cases) of organizations that fail to
reach their goals, even disband or die because they are directed by leaders or "heads of organizations" that
are not capable (Akib, 2014). Therefore, to be a topnotch leader, he must of course have a creative attitude in
navigating the era of globalization. Especially now, every organization is not only able to achieve its
objectives but is able to create effective innovations. In fostering creative behavior can be seen from the
SEKI model, namely: Socialization, Externalization, Combination, and Internalization.