Strategy of Chongqing Rural E-commerce BrandBuilding in the Context of Targeted Poverty Alleviation

  • Tan Yong


The concept of accurate poverty alleviation is proposed by general secretary Xi Jinping in
Xiangxi, Hunan. He stressed that "seeking truth from facts and adjusting measures to local conditions" is an
important measure to realize the eighteen major building of a well-off society in an all-round way. In order
to further promote the targeted poverty alleviation policy, accelerate the rural regional economic and social
development, through the design practice of brand image building of rural e-commerce platform, explore the
brand building strategy based on the e-commerce platform in rural areas, build a new era rural e-commerce
platform based on the brand, change the marketing mode of agricultural products, effectively increase the
income of farmers, and drive the rural regional economy To develop, systematically interpret the
significance of building rural e-commerce brand, activate rural market vitality, and provide useful reference
for rural e-commerce brand building in the context of targeted poverty alleviation.