Analysis on Influencing Factors of Guangxi Ecological Logistics Performance Based on Low Carbon Development

  • Huang Guiyuan*, Sam-Hyun Cho , Sha Lei


In recent years, environmental pollution has intensified, seriously affecting people's living
conditions. As people become more aware of environmental problems caused by energy use, the
development of a “low-carbon economy“ has become a consensus of mankind. In this context, low-carbon
ecological logistics has emerged. It follows the development trend of low-carbon economy and follows the
concepts of sustainable development, circular economy and ecological economy. It has obvious progress and
superiority. The requirements of the “low-carbon economy“ have formed a backward mechanism of “lowcarbon logistics“, and major changes must take place in the logistics operation mode. At present, in China,
faced with imperfect policies and regulations and relatively lack of experience in logistics technology, the
development of low-carbon logistics is affected and restricted by many factors. According to the definition
and characteristics of ecological logistics, the main factors that affect the increase of carbon emissions from
ecological logistics in Guangxi and the main factors that inhibit the increase of carbon emissions are