Finite Element Analysis Of CFRP Effects On Hollow Reactive Powder Concrete Column Failure Under Different Loading Eccentricity


  • Mayadah W. Falah , Yasar Ameer Ali , Mohammed Zuhear Al-Mulali , Zainab S Al-Khafaji


This paper presents a numerical investigation into the behaviour of hollow core columns made
using reactive powder concrete (RPC) confined with a circular carbon fibre reinforced polymer (CFRP)
tube. The column samples of circular hollow core with an outer diameter of 206mm, inner diameter of
90mm, and a height of 800mm were prepared for this study. These samples were made using reactive
powder concrete of 116MPa in strength. The samples were divided into 9 groups. A control group
consisting of nine unconfined hollow columns reinforced by of 12mm longitudinal bars with stirrups
(HCRPC). Groups two to five were made up from RPC hollow column samples that similar reinforcement
but were externally confined with CFRP of 0.131, 0.262, 1.2 and 2.4mm thick (These thicknesses are the
commercial available (0.131 for CFRP one layer sheet, 0.262 for two layers of CFRP sheet, 1.2 for one
layer of CFRP plate and 2.4 for two layer of CFRP plate)) respectively placed at mid length of the
columns. On the other hand, group six to nine are similar to the groups mentioned earlier but the CFRP
confinement was placed at both ends of the columns. All columns were subjected to axial loads through
the centre of the columns and uniaxial loads with eccentricities of 25 and 50mm from their centre. Results
show that CFRP confinement slightly increased the strength of HCRPC columns.