Integrity as a Mediator between Instructional Leadership and Personality with Student's Adaptive Behavior in Facing Covid-19 (Citizenship Behavior)


  • Ikhwan Ridha Wilti , Nadiroh , I Made Putrawan


This study was aimed at finding out the confirmatory information from the Colquit, Lepine, dan
Wesson model regarding the effect of instructional leadership, personality, integrity, and citizenship
behavior. A survey method was used by involving 125 students as sample in this study. There were 4
instruments in this study for measuring citizenship behavior (24 items, reliability .883), instructional
leadership (55 items, reliability .965), personality (19 items, reliability .868) and integrity (26 items,
reliability .839). Data was analyzed by descriptive statistical analysis, inferential statistics for linearity test
and path analysis. The results revealed that citizenship behavior significantly affected directly instructional
leadership, personality, and integritas. Moreover, it was also found that citizenship behavior significantly
affected indirectly by instructional leadership and personality through integrity. Based on those findings, it
can be concluded that variations in citizeship behavior of students are affected by variations in instructional
leadership, personality and integrity. It means that integrity is suitable mediator variables for instructional
leadership and personality to citizenship behavior.