Students’ Environmental Protection Behavior Based on Organizational Culture and Locus of Control Mediated by Decision Making


  • Indri Yani , I Made Putrawan , Diana Vivanti Sigit


This research was aimed at finding out whether Decision Making was good as a mediated factor
between Organizational Culture, Locus of Control, with students’ Environmental Protection Behavior
(EPB). A causal survey used by selecting 130 randomly University’ students. There were four instruments
measured Organizational Culture (24 items, rel .872), Locus of Control (23 items, rel .822), Decision
Making (23 items, rel .837), and Environmental Protection Behavior (25 items, rel .870). Data analyzed by
path analysis. The research results showed that Organizational Culture, Locus of Control and Decision
Making directly and significantly affected EPB, then Organizational Culture and Locus of Control indirectly
and significantly affected EPB as well. Therefore, Decision Making was, in this case, a good mediator.
Based on those results, it could be concluded that if environmental protection behavior would like to be
improved positively, therefore, organizational culture, locus of control, and students’ decision making ability
should be minimized its variation by introducing and offering an integrated environmental education
compulsory for all students level.