Modality Analysis in Donald Trump’s Speeches on Political Determinant of Covid-19

  • Deden Novan Setiawan Nugraha1, Yulia Segarwati , Nugi Mohammad Nugraha, Riski Taufik Hidayah


One of the most important sign systems for humans is language. Language represents strength and
is very instrumental in achieving national goals as well international of a nation. Superintensive use of
language, including therein the abuse of language in its various aspects is so prominent in the world of
politics in America. In the era of market and information globalization, it is difficult to imagine a forum or
political communication platform that is free from market or state influence. The product of fighting and
political engineering has given rise to a more power structure emphasizing the larger executive role. Some
of the language distortions in political communication are language as a mask and language as
representation, and language as ideology. The language used among other things, therefore the power held
by the rulers can still survive. The availability of public space will be effective in generating counter
discourse if balanced with structural changes in society, especially regarding relationships between the elite
and the masses. This research describes the choice of words spoken by the political elite in representing their
power. The data in this study are Donald Trump's remarks relating to power. The data source in this study is
the Corpus of Contemporary American English (COCA).