Emotional Bias in Share Investment Decision Making in Young Investors in the Investment Gallery of Widyatama University


  • Ivan Gumilar Sambas Putra* , Nugraha, Disman, Ikaputera Waspada


In the concept of investors (individuals) who have a rational attitude in a theory of decision making.
But in practice, there must be other aspects apart from some alternatives that support decision making. This
aspect is a psychological aspect called a behavioral finance study which makes an investor's decision making
less rational. This study aims to see the effect of emotional bias in making investment decisions, especially
young investors in the investment gallery of Widyatama University. The sampling technique used was
purposive sampling. The sample used in this study were 60 respondents from the Widyatama University
investment gallery. The results of the data distribution were processed using multiple regression analysis tools.
Partially, the emotional bias variable has a positive effect on stock investment decision making at the Widyatma
University investment gallery.