Autonomous Educational Knowledge Management System using Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation

  • Narendra U P , Dr. M Prabhakar , Dr. Pradeep B S


The Aim of the knowledge management system (KMS) is to provide vital information through text,
audio, visual and make the education knowledge as an exploring way. KMS is one of the data
management systems and these experiments make tremendous changes in the educational sector.
These implementations are to share the information and improve the education system exponentially.
An important goal of this article is to build knowledge-based systems that solve challenging
problems of educational institutions on their own with a new direction, Artificial Intelligence (AI),
Robot Process Automation (RPA). AI&RPA methods are proposed in this article to implement an
autonomous knowledge management system for the research and development for the educational
institutes to support learner queries and assistance. This proposed AI, RPA Autonomous knowledge
management system is innovative and improves academic services. RPA services the learners, and
answers to queries. This Robotic Process Automation helps to search the data of existing KMS as
well as it retrieves additional knowledge beyond existing KMS and provides relevant data to the
learner. RPA provides the information accurately with customized screen Interfaces, pictorial,
graphical data. This RPA based KMS is enhanced and improved for the development of Higher
Educational system.