Security Vulnerabilities, Attacks, Threats and the Proposed Countermeasures for the Internet of Things Applications


  • Taher M. Ghazal , Mohammad Kamrul Hasan*, Rosilah Hassan , Shayla Islam, Siti Norul Huda Sheikh Abdullah , Mohammed A. M. Afifi , Deepak Kalra


The proposed research is based on the solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT) security threats
and vulnerability. It is cleared that IoT is playing a vital role now a day at an organizational level by making
it easy while working at enterprises. The level of threats in IoT devices is high to make sure that the
integration and evaluation of the different models must be ensured with the orientation of complete security
models. Considering that the security of IoT devices is vital; since the assailants have been progressively
focusing on various ill-disposed tasks, however fiscal addition and getting too delicate data are the most
widely recognized. Being powerless against different sorts of security vulnerabilities. It is advanced that IoT
security should be utilized with the complete information security algorithms that is why the research is
proposed to set up the solution for IoT security while transmitting the data using IoT devices