Phased Positioning of Chengdu Double Airports in China Based on Field Force Model

  • Chaofeng Wang


The positioning of urban multiple airport is a very meaningful and far-reaching task. Based on the analysis of the airport field phenomenon, the paper put forward the field force model of the airport field and analyzed the superposition effect of the airport field force. According to the development goals of Chengdu Shuang Airport, the positioning of Chengdu Tianfu Airport and Shuangliu Airport in different stages was proposed: Shuangliu Airport was the main one at the beginning, and gradually transitioned to Tianfu Airport in the long run. Tianfu Airport focuses on the development of international aviation business and undertakes most domestic passenger and cargo business, and Shuangliu Airport focuses on the development of domestic boutique routes and business routes. For the role of the research, on the one hand, the study of the paper enriches and expands the theoretical connotation and extension of the field theory, on the other hand, it hopes to provide theoretical guidance for the positioning of multiple airports.