Efficient Video Broadcasting over Lossy Channels in Wireless Network

  • Dr.Dhanapal.R , Mr.Selvapandian.D,Ms.P.Kanchanadevi, Ms.K.Tharageswari


In wireless media applications peer to peer, communication is unreliable due to resource allocation for the same data to a different client due to this problem network efficiency and utilization is reduced. This research work based on increase the Quality of service for video broadcasting over the end to end-user communication and minimizes the bandwidth usage for the grantee of service. To identify the video nature and fading channel in the path introduce the multicast channel probing with modeling. it increases the guarantee of video data delivery based on the rate controller for  Quality1 scheduling.  Experimental results will be carried out in network simulator version 2 .it increase the quality of the video up to 98% and reduces the noise interference level in up to 2% with the high-intensity data rate.