Database Management System to Design a Medical Treasury System


  • Nawar Alseelawi, Hussein Tuama Hazim, Ali Dahir Alramadan


With the twenty-first century, and with the circulation and development of the use of modern technology, medical treasures dealing with old traditional methods have become unsuitable for the new era. Therefore, this paper aims to try to build and manage the database using ASP.NET (Active Server Pages) program as a helping tool to organize the files used in the site, based on C#) is a server scripting language and a useful asset for making dynamic and collaborating Web pages, SQL Server(Structured Query Language) is the most popular database system used with C#., which focuses on the object-oriented programming language as well as the use of use cases, a modeling language technology that helps software developers to define features of implementation and solve errors safely. A database was designed and constructed to create a medical treasury, which includes (medical supplies), specifically to address the problem of estimating the annual need for medicines (medical supplies) to meet their needs and thus the needs of patients. This paper includes the aspect of designing and describing the database using the ASP.NET (Active Server Pages) program to build the base (from Where the data is stored and its privacy for medicinal drugs) and then stages and steps to build the proposed system and using the description language use cases.