Strengthening of Reinforced Concrete Columns Using of Ferrocement

  • Mohamed O. Elsibaey, Zakaria H. Awadallah, Omar A. Farghal, Mohamed Zakaria


This paper studies an experimental investigation to illustrate the behavior of ferrocement square columns strengthened using ferrocement jacket. Ferrocement is defined by a thin RC wall usually constructed of cement mortar reinforced with closed spaced layers of continuous and relatively small size wire mesh. Ferrocement is a highly many-sided construction material that has a potentially wide range of practical applications. Ten ferrocement short columns with nominal cross-sectional dimensions of 200 × 200 mm with a complete length of 1200 mm were cast and tested under axial loading until failure. the most parameters during this study were the number of layers of wire mesh, type of wire mesh, and therefore the cement mortar strength. The results showed the effectiveness of the ferrocement jacket in improving the column capacity, and reducing the vertical and lateral Shortening. The results from the experiment were compared with the theoretical results obtained from the modified ECP 203 and modified ACI 318 equation codes.