Designing Miniaturized Dual Frequency Band Coupled Resonators (DFB-CR) Using Capacitively Loaded H-shape DGS for WPT Utilization

  • Hany A. Atallah, Saad M. S. B. Alrashedi, Rasha Hussein, Adel B. Abdel-Rahman


This paper introduces a novel design for dual frequency band coupled resonators (DFB-CR) for wireless power transfer (WPT) system. The proposed system employs an H-shaped defected ground structure (DGS) which is capacitivelyloaded with surface mounted (SMD) capacitors. When two H-shaped DGS dual band-stop filter (DBSF) are coupled back-to-back, it transfers to a band pass filter (BPF) producinga WPT system. The proposed system is composed of two identical transmitting (TX) and receiving (RX) substrates working at 0.5 and 1.1 GHz. The Tx and the Rx are designed on Rogers 3003 with anover-all size of 20 × 20 mm2.  The simulated power transfer efficiency is around 99 % at the both bands of 0.5 GHz and 1.1 GHzwitha transmission distance of 8 mm. The proposed system achieved acceptable agreements between the analytical design procedure, the circuit model, and the EM simulations.The proposed structure is appropriate for dual band WPT applications.