pH Monitoring System – An Innovative Tool for Semi-organic Dyeing Process used in Industries

  • Senthilkumar KM, B.Sabitha, Seenivasan M, V.Muthukumaran


A pH monitoring system for the continuous working situation in the Bio-Chemical dying industry was designed and fabricated. The sensor selected is 396R/396RVP Retractable pH/ORP Sensor with maximum pressure specifications of 150 psig (1136 kPa [abs]) and silcore™2technologies provide increased sensor life when used in elevated temperature applications. The microcontroller due to simple approach, Arduino UNO with 16MHz clock speed and 7V to12V input was selected. The program with the set of functions and control limits for various color codes has been written using Arduino C and was uploaded to microcontroller. The program includes the control limits for various colors. The color selection is done through the Numpad Code input. A Numpad input module is connected with the microcontroller module through which the Color code input is given. The microcontroller is programmed to send signal to two terminals—one to indicate the operator and another is a direct signal to stop the complete operation through emergency stop system on the control limit breach. This monitoring system will pave way to more chances for survival of ecofriendly dyeing culture through decreasing the recycling cost by reducing 12000 to 15000 ppm TDS (Total Dissolved Salt) in the used water.

Key words: pH, Dyeing, Environment, Bio-chemical, monitoring, sensor