Load Transient Stability Analysis of DC-DC Converter using Two Loop Control Structure

  • S.Muthukaruppasamy, P.Duraipandy


This article contemplates a two loop control structure with distinctive controller combinations for converter. The POESLLC(Positive output Elementary Super Lift Luo Converter) is one of the recommended current converters. Right half pole zero (RHPZ) is the predicament of POESLLC in continuous conduction mode (CCM) during control to transfer function. POESLLC is processed in discontinuous conduction mode (DCM) and DCM function of converter has no RHPZ, strenuous response, cease the hassles of diode. The determined control covers combination of controllers apart to sustain the constant output voltage (exterior loop) and the inductor current (interior loop) of POESLLC to defy the varying time attributes. To deal effective load transient state and resultant voltage governance of POESLLC in DCM, this experimentation is executed and simulation results are accessible to show the value of planned sliding mode control (SMC) in addition to fuzzy control/fuzzy tuned proportional control

Keywords- POESLLC, Discontinuous conduction mode, RHPZ