Assessment of Data Mining Techniques in the Domain of Health Care

  • N.Nalini, Dr.S.Rathi


The health care is focussed on upholding and upgrading of physical and mental health with the aid of medical services. The health care data is the information pertaining to patient health. The data acquisition process is very tedious. Health care data is evolving tremendously in recent times. This made data mining as important area of research in medical data. It is very vital to analyze this massive amount of health care data using data mining techniques and extract the useful information from it. The analysis of patient data explores the new drift in health care organizations. The trend in health care is shifting from cure to prevention. This paper highlights the various data mining techniques such as Classification, Clustering , Association, Regression used in the domain of healthcare. It also evaluates the accuracy of the various mining algorithms applied to various diseases.

Keywords: Electronic Health records (EHRs); Enterprise Data Warehouse[EDW];Support Vector machine[SVM];K-Nearest Neighbour[KNN];Frequent pattern (FP );Bayesian Belief Network[BBN]