Cyber-Crime and Digital Forensic: Challenges Resolution

  • Arpita Singh, S. K. Singh, Sandeep K.Nayak, Nilu Singh


Cybercrime is an emerging kind of crime, which has to be faced and fight for mankind. When you go through news or any crime case authentic data source, you will easily analyze that number of crime cases with the help of technology, are getting climb drastically. To overcome this problem a new way of science originated known as digital/computer forensic. Here author is trying to hold forth about cybercrime and crime rate of different states of India. Furthermore, author will discuss some prevention measure to avoid risk of cybercrime. There are some law enforcement agencies like cybercrime cells fabricated by the government, to fight with this canker of society. Digital forensic needs new forensic tools in the war of crime because of enhanced technology and increase database

Keywords- Cyber-crime, Digital forensic, Forensic tools, Computer  forensic.