Common Cultural Elements of the Ethnic Groups of Northeast India: A Discussion

  • Lakhyana Dutta, Swagata Bora


This paper endeavors to portray NE India as an abode to different ethnocultural Identities that entered the region at different times of history and now have made permanent settlements in the region. The article posits the fact that the intermingling of different languages, cultures, religions of different tribes, and subtribes has paved the way to the genesis and development of a composite culture of unity, integrity, and internal cohesion. It also endeavors to showcase the salient features and peculiar nature of the tribal culture of the Northeastern region which seldom makes an appearance in the national face. The hypothesis of this paper is intended to show the fact that despite the ethnocultural consciousness of different groups of people, their cultures vividly manifest at least some common cultural traits of the composite culture.

Keywords: Cultural assimilation, cultural intermingling, common cultural elements, ethnic identities, ethnocultural consciousness, NE India, shared cultural traits, Tribes.