Analysis on Visual Cryptography to Secure Image by using Digital Watermarking

  • Ch. Sushma, Dr. P. Lalitha Surya Kumari


The new approach of Visual Cryptography is hiding data into images and sending that image in  a secure way through the network, and that can be decrypted by human vision only when authorized key is utilized. This technic allows the visualiazed data secured and viewed, and this is possible only if all images are merged together. In today’s technology has made the transmission of digital information arises copyright conflicts. Watermarking is a best solution to the online data protection and copy right violation. Digital watermarking using visual cryptography has been gaining a lot of importance and protection of online data is required[1].The digital watermarking technic is used for securing the data. Digital watermarking by visual cryptography is important where high protection for digital information is necessary. In this analysis, various Visual Cryptography and watermarking technics based on visual cryptography are discussed. The main focus of analysis is on the (2, 2) VC based watermarking where two shares has been generated by using watermarking and coverimages.

Keywords: Digital Watermarking, Visual cryptography, Watermark, Security.