Comparative Study Between Mechanical Properties of Uncoated and Coated HSS Tool

  • J.Yasin, R.Pravinkumar, P.Thangapandian, S.Seenivasan


In the industrial era, the machining process plays a vital role to produce any components in manufacturing industries. High-speed steel is widely used as a cutting tool in the machining process. However, some situations HSS cannot satisfy the requirements. The coating is one of the suitable processes to improve the performance of the Cutting tool. In this experiment, High-Speed Steel coated by Titanium Aluminum Nitride (TiAlN) and Titanium Silicon Nitride (TiSiN) with the help of magneto sputtering method. Cutting tool coating makes the tool harder, more lubricated, sharper and heat resistant than an uncoated tool. Coating the tool improves tool life, cutting quality and durability of the tool. This experimental study describes the deposition and characteristics of coated and uncoated HSS tool.

 Keywords- HSS tool, TiAlN coating, TiSiN coating, PVD magneto Sputtering.