Image Processing Techniques for Detecting Extra Growth of Teeth in Medical Images

  • Sindhu Madhuri G, Shashikala H K


In medical images like X-Rays, specialists and scientists help to solve and identify many real-time health problems in human by showing the structure of the teeth bones, bone abnormalities, tumors, infections, fracture, extra growth of teeth etc. But analysis of medical x-ray images for detection of extra growth of teeth is also challenging task in specialist opinion using image processing techniques. From many decades, Researchers have come up with many techniques using image processing like threshold-based, edge-based and region-based methods for the diagnosis of tooth problems but still automatic diagnosis are not yet expected. In this paper, we explore an automatic system for identification of extra growth of teeth using Point-Based Active Shape Method using image registration. We apply image processing technique and perform geometric transformations like rotation parameters need to be adjusted along with the teeth shape to improve the convergence and robustness of the algorithm. In this paper, the proposed method consists of four stages: the first step is pre-processing stage., the second step uses image processing technique by performing geometric transformations like rotation parameter to adjust the shape of input reference image and sensed image., the third stage uses automatic system for identification of extra growth of teeth using Point-Based Active Shape Method., also in this stage if any extra teeth is detected we segment the extra growth of teeth, and the fourth stage is calculating performance metrics like RMSE, PSNR, Elapsed time as a means of matching dental record.

Keywords- X-Ray, Image Processing (IP), Image Registration (IR), Point-Based Active Shape Model (PBASM), Root Mean Square Error (RMSE), Peak Signal Noise Ratio (PSNR), Elapsed time.