Malaysian Postal Delivery Service in the New Normal Post Covid-19 Pandemic Era: E-Ducation for Postal Services

  • Yeop Ali Dobi, Dr. Oo Yu Hock


Customer service is an important component of the marketing concept in Logistics Supply Value Chain Management (LSVCM) of Free Market Private sector enterprise. Menus of new development in the Logistics Supply Value Chain (LSVC) components especially in Public Enterprise Management have shown fresh areas of logistics that need to be addressed.  This research study is therefore an attempt to fill the gap between existing and emerging new knowledge and applications in the management of logistics customer service in a transformed public enterprise performing the public delivery postal services in Malaysia.  It is a case study of POS MALAYSIA BERHAD and its Customer Service in PosLaju Courier Business, directed to resolve policy-procedural issues and discrepancy in effective and efficient quality customer-service delivery as attested by 12 participant-respondents from top-middle-supervisory front-line management positions in various operation-functional departments or Divisions in PosLaju throughout numerous Headquarters Sectors and its Service Centres in the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur and Shah Alam in the State of Selangor.  Among the recommended improvement actions include a negotiated contract for PosLaju to operate autonomously independent of its parent company in order to add and create values that will propel it to quick response-fast track the courier service delivery to meet rapid market demand changes including client lifestyle preferences for home-site delivery today in view of the Covic-19 pandemic episodes domestically and worldwide.