Verification of the Data Intactness of Outsourced Data at Untrusted Public Cloud

  • Srinivasa Polampalli, V. Naga Lakshmi


 Cloud computing is a major technology in this present era of globalization , as there is an opportunity to access the resources of our own from any part of the globe. It is well accepted by most of the start up companies (user) as the initial investment is less and there is a possibility to hire everything as a service (XaaS). Cloud offers processors, networks, memory, and hard disks as a service to the business organizations (user). As long as they pay for the service, company data remains present in the cloud. Most of the companies are able to connect to cloud for the required service when there is an ordinary data involved in their process. But the same company is not ready to process confidential data  environment as there is  not much  trust on public cloud services. Definitely the cloud service provider  concern all the user issues but if it goes out of cloud hands then the problem arise, as it leads to take a second chance on cloud service continuity from the users perspective. Anyway  responsibilities lie with cloud service provider. User worry is about data intactness before and after processing of a particular service. User can take the advantage of cryptanalysis for confirmation of the intactness of the uploaded data. User ha  choice to use a particular encryption technique ( RSA, DES, Triple DES,AES,IDEA etc) before uploading data , hence stored data will be in the form of cipher text. User need to apply suitable decryption algorithm to make it available in the form of plain text. The proposed system will address the issue of data intactness using a specific encryption technique before uploading data in cloud storage.