Optimal Placement of FACT Devices for Reactive Power Control Using Cumulative Gravitational Search Algorithm for Secure and Effective Power Transfer for IEEE30 Bus System

  • M. Packiasudha, S. Suja


The reactive power compensation is an important problem that arises in the electricity market. Many algorithms have been developed in the recent years using Swarm intelligence, Genetic algorithm, Honey Bee search and fish schooling algorithms. Gravitational search algorithm (GSA) based on Newtonian law of gravity between masses is used to find the minimum value accurately. In Cumulative Gravitational Search Algorithm (CGSA) active and passive mass interactions are together considered so the resultant force obtained between the masses will be accurate. In this algorithm, the search agents are a collection of masses which interact with each other based on Newtonian gravity and laws of motion. In this research,  a 5 bus-test-system bus, IEEE30 bus system and IEEE118 bus system are tested by conventional method and modeled using MATLAB/simulink and by using the proposed  CGSA. The optimized place to connect the FACT device is found and compared with conventional and simulation method.