Land Use and Land Cover Change Detection of Lakhimpur District, Assam Using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques

  • Bhalindar Singh, Silpi Sikha Hazarika, Niranjan Bhattacharjee


Increasing pressure exerted by human being on the planet earth has lead to several changes in the environment which results into loss of natural resources, ecological imbalances, global climate change, global warming etc. Monitoring of changes through accurate mapping of LULC helps in identifying the level destruction made by anthropogenic factors in a particular area. In this paper, LULC mapping has been done by using multi-temporal Landsat data for a period of 1998 and 2020 for Lakhimpur district to detect the changes. In the mapping of LULC the district has been categorised into six groups namely agricultural land, forest land, sand bars, settlement, sparse vegetation and water body and the analysis shown both positive and negative changes.