ETLB: An Enhanced Throttled Load Balancing Approach for Reducing the Response Time in Cloud Computing

  • G. Justy Mirobi, Dr. L. Arockiam


In the modernized world, the usage of cloud computing and its applications has increased day by day; so, the number of users for accessing the service is growing rapidly. Therefore, the load is exceeded the maximum capacity. Hence, an enhanced load balancing technique is necessary to balance the load on the virtual machines. The aim of our research work is to analyze the different load-balancing approaches, enhanced algorithms and practically verify how to reduce the delay time and response time. Our approach aims to distribute the loads uniformly to the virtual machines. This paper presents ETLB: An Enhanced Throttled Load Balancing Algorithm which helps to reduce the delay time and response time. The proposed load-balancing algorithm automatically initiates the task migration process from high loaded virtual machines to the low loaded virtual machines when the calculated threshold value of VMs is exceeded. The threshold value is used for making the decision to redistribute the load on VM and there is no significant delay time because of the task migration process. 

Keywords-load balancing; resource allocation; response time; task migration; VM capacity