Facial Recognition Processing Using Uniform Pattern Histogram with AI in Multimedia Applications

  • Dr.C.N.Vanitha, S.Suwathika, A. Mathura, P. Saranyadevi


Nowadays we are using face recognition everywhere. For recognizing the face it has three functions: Detection, Recognition, Checking process. First, it must detect any face. Second, it must recognize the face instantaneously. Finally, it must take some other actions to check whether it allowing the right person to access. Here, Artificial intelligence plays a major role in recognizing the face; the AI-enabled face recognition system captures the person's image from any recorded images, and analyzes the captured image with the image stored in its database. If both the face matches then the person can access any file or they can perform their own actions. Facial recognition can help verify personal identity. It is used in identifying the documents and, most often combined with other biometric technologies such as fingerprint (prevention of ID fraud and identity theft). In this, we are using OpenCV as a tool to recognize the face. By using this developer’s can able to access many advanced computer vision algorithms used for image and video processing in 2D and 3D as part of their program. By using the LBP algorithm we have attained an accuracy rate of face recognition up to 95%, eye detection as 85%, face detection as 80%, face localization as 93%, real time face recognition as 85%.

Keywords: face recognition, Uniform pattern histogram Algorithm, artificial intelligence, image comparison.