Application of FACTS Devices in Relieving Power Congestion using HNMGWO algorithm in a Deregulated Power System

  • S. Prakasha, S.Charles Raja


The aim of this article is to apply Hybrid Nelder-Mead – Grey Wolf Optimizer (HNMGWO) in congestion management problem by rescheduling generators to achieve the optimized congestion cost. The main parts of a general power system constitute Generation, transmission and distribution. When the electrical power lines are overloaded, either the generation linkages or the load linkages need to be adjusted. Generator rescheduling and load shedding are the usual practices. But, as deregulated system encourages customer satisfaction, load shedding is not advisable for minor overloaded cases. Thus, generator rescheduling is selected for problem solution. Grey Wolf Optimizer (GWO) is a recent optimization technique based on the leadership hierarchy as well as the hunting technique of gray wolves. The effective local search is performed by Nelder-Mead method and the output is used to initialize the population for Grey Wolf Optimizer which searches global best value. In this paper, the Hybrid Nelder-Mead – Grey Wolf Optimizer (HNMGWO) is attempted based on the priority given in the leadership hierarchy as well as hunting mechanism of gray wolves. This technique has been applied to find the optimum rescheduled values for relieving congested transmission lines. In our proposed work, after proper analysis with a sample 6 bus system, thereby comparing the results with various FACTS devices such as STATCOM, SSSC and UPFC. The result shows that the proposed work is more effective by giving minimum congestion cost in minimum computational time, reduced rescheduled power and power loss.

Keywords- Hybrid Nelder-Mead – Grey Wolf Optimizer (HNMGWO), Power Congestion management, FACTS devices, Generation cost minimization, bilateral and multilateral transaction.