Potential Resources of Cultural Tourism for International Youth Travelers

  • Mullika Najanthong, Poom Munpolsri


The youth is viewed as an important market with further potential for development of youth travel abroad because it can be described as committed to the development of the tourism industry. There are many countries that have promoted and developed their tourism destinations in order to attract international youth visitors for sightseeing. The purposes of this study were to investigate potential resources of Phutai cultural tourism for international youth travelers. The findings indicated that the potential of cultural tourism resources had a highest-level potential, with the most passion for the tourism attraction culture village, amenities and accommodations. However, cultural village also has a weakness in the accessibility such as transportation, clear tourist map. Access to tourist attractions is convenient, easy to access, and a cultural attraction descriptive sign to keep you informed of the history of the place and activities that create an experience for tourists.

      Keywords- potential; resources; cultural tourism; youth